OmniPHY Communications

The field of wireless engineering is on the cusp of a data-driven revolution, powered by measurement and powerful AI tools such as deep learning, that will grow wireless systems to unprecedented levels of scale, performance, and reliability. While wireless communications technology has advanced considerably since its invention in the 1890s, the fundamental design methodology has remained unchanged throughout its history - wireless engineers hand-tuning and designing radio systems and algorithms for specific applications using analytic models and assumptions. This paradigm has worked well to-date, but struggles to tackle the complexity of optimization for modern real-world systems with high degrees of freedom.

Built on foundational research first developed and published by DeepSig principals, OmniPHY enables a new, radically different approach, where systems are learned from wireless channel measurements and optimized directly for real-world hardware & channel effects using end-to-end performance metrics. By providing a new class of wireless systems that are able to exploit imperfections and degrees of freedom, OmniPHY systems can provide improved efficiency, resilience, and adaptivity in complex high-density, non-linear, hostile, and/or unique communications environments where previous systems were too brittle or inflexible for real-world conditions.


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