Embedded Systems Engineer

Keywords: C/C++, Embedded Systems, Linux, Python, Open-Source, ARM
Type: Full-Time (W2) On-Site

About the Position

DeepSig Inc. is looking for an experienced full-time embedded systems engineer to join our R&D team in Arlington, Virginia, for an immediate opening. The primary responsibility of this position is leading the technical architecture and implementation of DeepSig’s embedded systems, including kernel-level software and drivers, board-level bring-up and development, and user-space client libraries used by DeepSig’s software applications. Candidates should be skilled in embedded systems, Linux kernel development, C/C++ and Python, open-source tools & workflows, and using benchtop instrumentation (e.g., oscilloscopes). Familiarity with FPGAs is a plus, but not a requirement.

Important aspects of this role include architecting clean & maintainable code, writing great documentation, and creating a robust & re-usable software infrastructure. Our products commonly interface with software-defined radio hardware and are built for our machine learning algorithms, so experience (or an interest) in working with those fields is valuable, although not required.

Candidates should be able to communicate clearly, both internal and external to the company, be self-driven, and enjoy mentoring junior colleagues and sharing their knowledge. We hire engineers that empathize with the users of their code, develop good relationships with customers, and love to learn. Previous experience and enthusiasm for working with open-source projects is important.

Travel expectations are light, mostly consisting of conferences and occasional customer visits. Candidates must be authorized to work in the United States by US citizenship or permanent residency. This position is located on-site with our engineering team in Arlington, Virginia. We are not currently able to sponsor visa applications or support remote hires.

Engineering at DeepSig

DeepSig is growing its technical team while cultivating a collaborative, agile, and cohesive small-team culture. We value creativity, knowledge sharing, and employee growth, and we encourage participation in scientific publications, conferences, and open-source software. We strive to offer competitive salaries, compelling benefits (including health, dental, retirement, and equity), a welcoming environment, a flexible schedule, and a great work / life balance.

About Us

DeepSig is a venture-backed startup focused on wireless communications and machine learning. We are creating software products and algorithms for the commercial telecommunications market that enable the first generation of true machine learning-based communications and sensing systems.

How to Apply

Send an e-mail to jobs@deepsig.io with your résumé / CV. Cover letters are encouraged, but not required. You may also use this e-mail address for questions about the position.