Careers at DeepSig

What We Do

DeepSig was founded to pioneer the next major evolution of communications systems. We are developing fundamentally novel methodologies for the design and optimization of wireless communications using the latest advances in machine learning / artificial intelligence. We are a software and algorithms company, creating applied systems with our foundational research.

DeepSig's founding engineers have strong backgrounds in scientific research, open-source software and communities, and commercial product development. Our approaches to engineering and business management value creativity and experimentation, and we look for engineers that enjoy crafting new software systems for cutting-edge technology in a team environment. The wide applicability of our technology means we work with many market segments, including academia, commercial industry, government, public safety, and even open-source hobbyists.

The results of DeepSig's applied research are already having a significant impact on the fields of communications and signal processing. DeepSig's engineers have published many of the seminal scientific papers in this area (see our Publications page), and are the technical leaders in building real-world practical systems with this technology. DeepSig is applying its products to existing wireless systems and standards (e.g., WiFi, 4G LTE), and our goal is to see our work used in the next generation of communications standards.

Come join our team and build the future of wireless communications!

How We Interview & Hire

Our interview process starts with a introductory call to explain the position and our company in more detail, and to discuss your background and what you are looking for in a new role. If it looks like a potential good match for both of us, we will set up a time for you to give a brief technical presentation to the team, highlighting something you've enjoyed working on. Our next step is to arrange for an on-site interview where we can get to know each other a bit more and get a better understanding of what you'll bring to the team and where you could best contribute. If we both agree it's a good fit, we'll work together to reach an agreement and bring you on-board!

Software Design Engineer

  • Keywords: C/C++, Python, Linux, Open Source, Software Radio
  • Type: Full-Time (W2)
  • Location: Arlington, VA

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Keywords: Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Python, C++
  • Type: Full-Time (W2)
  • Location: Arlington, VA

Applications Engineer

  • Keywords: Machine Learning, Python, Open Source, Customer-Facing, Technical Marketing
  • Type: Full-Time (W2)
  • Location: Arlington, VA